Practicing journalism

Before returning to academia, I made a career as a journalist. I reported about foreign affairs and defense and did reporting in several countries including Afghanistan, Angola, and Zambia. In Silicon Valley in California, I reported about technology.

On this page, you can see some pictures from my reporting trips. I took the picture above at a sunset in Lubango, Angola.

I learned on my reporting trips that people everywhere in the world are inherently the same, with similar basic needs, dreams, and fears.

The girls were singing while preparing flour in Shangalala, Angola.

I was listening to a soldier's instructions in Mazar-i-Sharif Afghanistan while preparing to leave a military base on a reporting trip.

We moved around in military tanks in Afghanistan due to safety issues.

There was a cell phone store at the Kakuma refugee camp in Northern Kenya, close to the border to South Sudan. More than 50,000 refugees and asylum seekers were living there, and these days even more.

These members of the Turkana tribe lived nearby the Kakuma refugee camp close to the border of South Sudan. They would come and sell produce there.

The refugees who had received an asylum were transported to refugee centers in Kenya. In a refugee center in Nairobi, families were waiting to be relocated to their new home countries.

Land mines were laid in vast areas in Angola by local and foreign troops during the war. Long after the war was over, land mines were detected. Too many people had lost their arms or legs because of walking to a land mine. Wars don't just create mdestruction momentarily, but decades afterwards.

These girls were preparing dinner in Mukulu, Angola.

This child was helping the family in household chores in Mukulu, Angola.