Collective intelligence and crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing, co-creation, and crowdfunding tap to the collective intelligence of the crowds, enabling rapid problem-solving and large-scale deliberation.

Examining behavior with new media technologies

I study people’s interaction with new media technologies. These technologies include virtual reality in journalism, augmented reality for learning in art, and crowdsourcing in civic use.

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality

My studies show that augmented reality and virtual reality are powerful media to engage and inform people, while they also compromise some aspects of information delivery such as learning.

Designing civic technologies

I work in multidisciplinary teams in which we develop and study new technologies for empowering, informing, and engaging people.

Finland: Magical country

I grew up by the Arctic Circle in Lapland in Finland. In the summer, the was sun shining all night long. In the winter, it was dark all day. When the sun returns in the spring, it paints the sky with incredible colors.