Tanja Aitamurto

In my work I examine new technologies for informing, empowering, and connecting people. 

The empirical context of my work are civic technologies, ranging from virtual and augmented reality to large-scale online collaboration systems, such as applications of collective intelligence in crowdsourced journalism, deliberation and policymaking, and digital voting. 

My work strives both for academic contributions and social impact, with a mission to develop technologies that contribute to a more equal, diverse, and inclusive society, that has a more balanced diffusion of information. New media — augmented reality or applications for harnessing collective intelligence — are vehicles to achieve these goals, but we need to know how these technologies impact people’s behavior so that we can rein them for social good — to inform, empower, and connect people. 

Basically, I'm a social scientist turned almost to an engineer. Engineering is like yoga or motorcycle riding: once you start you can't stop. 

I'm postdoctoral Brown Fellow at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford. You can find more about my work on this website. Welcome! 

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